who is the REAL GURU ?

A real guru is one who teaches by his/her own experience rather than prescribing from the scriptures. A true guru will never impose restrictions of any kind while you are in the world. Whatever bad habits, if any are within you,will soon start getting removed automatically as you progress in your sadhana .

Yes , code of conduct might be important if one lives in an ashram, this too I feel is important to set an example for the seekers to behave in a disciplined manner.

Once The Real Guru invokes the inner GURU in you, life becomes tough initially but easier after some time...

It is important that you have to be genuine first, a genuine seeker of the truth. Praying to  the Divine will create such circumstances that either you will find your guru or the guru will find you.

The Guru's Grace is always flowing, like the river. You have to put in personal effort, with all your faith and surrender, to receive the Guru's Grace. That is essential. Faith and your efforts should go together. The Guru's Grace is always there.