The founder (VISHAL KUKRETI ) is an experienced meditator in third eye meditation technique and gives consultancy now. He is based in DEHRADUN . Creating this website was top on his bucket list. It was easy as he had worked with (TIMES GROUP ) in New Delhi, as a copywriter in the e-greetings channel and content incharge of jokes channel (then in 2000-2001). He returned to his roots in october 2001 .

Around 14 years ago, he had a clear vision of the doorway to the third eye, that led him to his future Guru ( he is an awakened master who teaches dhyaan yoga) , under whose guidance ,he learnt meditation later. On 30 may, 2022 , another profound experience broke his myth about a vision ,that is considered a milestone in traditional kriya yoga. This experience gave an insight that experiences can vary and nothing is fixed or a benchmark in spirituality. The only sign of progress in spirituality is the degrees in the absence of thoughts ! After a short sadhana of 90 days , on 30 August 22 , the veil covering the third eye was finally removed .

The yogic breathing technique came naturally to him by the grace of the divine and has proved to be highly effective though simple to perform .

The path of spirituality was not an easy one for him. Depression during 1999 for 3 months was overcome through auto suggestion and reading Bhagwat Gita . (medication was not giving relief from the chain of negative thoughts). It took just a second to break the depression trap through auto suggestion ( felt like a healing spark in the mind ) while walking in his college campus when he was completing his masters in economics course.

But the conflicting thoughts pattern returned due to over expectation from life after 9 years. Over active mind led to hallucinations and delusions for a while, that resulted in a near death experience and a miraculous escape around 2008 transformed his outlook towards life. After this event ,he seriously followed the teachings of his GURU and could fortunately tame the mind .

In Vishal's words .... " happy to be in the present moment most of the times. Now , reclaimed happiness as a natural trait. Enjoying inner peace and the external world "

An inner voice always kept inspiring him to guide people who wish to have a peaceful and joyous life. Empathy for people with psychological issues acted like a catalyst in creating this website !

Using his personal experience and spiritual wisdom as a lifestyle coaching tool has helped many people to calm down their restless and overthinking minds !

A regular practice of kriya helps to tame the mind and increase focus in the desired field and hence success in that field !