'Learn Kriya Yoga'

Basic Kriya Yoga (yogic breathing, jyoti mudra, meditation)

the following sequence is to be followed 

Yogic breathing 

1 : abdominal breathing  2 : thoracic breathing  3 : clavicular breathing

Sit in a meditative posture (best is vajrasana) or on a chair or lie in the shavasana posture. Relax the whole body and take 3-4 normal breaths. Inhale slowly and deeply allowing the abdomen to expand(abdominal breathing). After the abdominal expansion, expand the chest(thoracic breathing). After the chest expansion, inhale a little more so that your collar bone and shoulders move up(clavicular breathing).

This completes one inhalation.For exhalation, start relaxing the lower neck, then the chest area and finally the abdomen.Try to pull your abdomen inside towards the spine so that maximum air is expelled out. This whole process should be practiced in such a way that it appears to be like a wave of the ocean, smooth without any jerks.

Start with 10 rounds, increasing to 30 in 10 days (increasing 2 rounds everyday) once you are able to do it easily, increase the rounds to 60-70 as per your stamina.

If the throat starts to dry, you can sip water just to hydrate the throat.

So simple !

After yogic breathing practice jyoti mudra.

( avoid in too cold or too hot weather , moderate weather is perfect )

(best on an empty stomach in the morning, if done in the evening, then do it atleast 3 hours after the lunch)

(benefits of yogic breathing)

Jyoti mudra OR Yoni mudra

 In this mudra ,one uses fingers to cover their eyelids and nostrils, thumbs to cover the ears and then chant OM 5-8 times, while concentrating on the third eye area.
(jyoti mudra is the the third eye activation technique and the third eye meditation can open up your powerful sixth sense and get you in touch with your inner self.)

followed by meditation as follows 


Sit in any comfortable pose, keeping the spine and head straight. Concentrate with sight and mind on the area between the eyebrows (the third eye) just watch the thoughts as a witness. Don’t judge whether they are good or bad. Don’t think why such thoughts are coming. Simply observe them with a relaxed state of mind. The mind will  jump initially. Remind the mind to come back to the present moment. If it is thinking of the past or of future ,bring it back to the present moment. You also ask yourself “am I in the present moment ? With time and practice, you will succeed in controlling the mind .There is a small gap between two thoughts, meditation helps to widen this gap .Wider the Gap, more the peace in the mind !

duration : minimum - 5 mins, ideal - 60 mins , best - as long as you desire 

( benefits of meditation )