a tale from the upanishads

Young seeker: O Rishi! I want to walk the spiritual path, to discover God. But how do I deal with the pain of letting go everything that I love in this world?

Rishi: Have you had dreams child?

Seeker: Yes Master.

Rishi: However pleasurable they are, when you wake up, do you feel you have lost something?

Seeker: No.

Rishi: Similarly, when you wake up to a higher state of consciousness, the appearances of the waking state dissolve. What the waking state is to dreams, the realization of god is to the waking state.

Seeker: How do I wake up from the waking state?

Rishi: how do you wake up from your dream?

Seeker: It happens on its own - with time, or when I am woken up by someone who is awake!

The seeker bows to the master!

The Rishi smiles and blesses him.