" kriya awakens our true nature through increased awareness and increased relaxation ". Yoga is fruitful only if there is application of the wisdom and guidelines . Learn from any source and make sure that you practice the respective technique !

get basic kriya

The rishis thought, ‘What is the way?’ They gradually came to the conclusion that tantra is the way. In tantra, the ordinary behaviour of the grihastha ashrama is acceptable. Like vishaya bhoga, sensual gratification, dukha, pain, sentiment,love, passion, greed they are called ordinary behaviour. These ordinary behaviours are acceptable in tantra.
Tantra is the way for the householder

The Real Guru

" A real guru is one who teaches by his/her own experience rather than prescribing from the scriptures. A true guru will never impose restrictions of any kind while you are in the world. Whatever bad habits, if any are within you,will soon start getting removed automatically as you progress in your sadhana". 

Inspirational tales

A frog that lived in an ocean once happened to reach a small pond. Some frogs were living in that pond with their king. The king frog was informed of the new arrival. The king sent for the newly arrived frog. When the ocean frog was brought to the king frog, it looked arrogantly at the ocean frog and asked, where have you come from?