It is quite interesting to observe people who meditate regularly.

They are much better in coping with stressful situations and are better in the level of satisfaction they exhibit in the day to day life.

Due to the lifestyle and work pressure in the modern world, anxiety and depression, aggression and frustration have increased manifolds.

The best way to heal the mind is MEDITATION .

Medication is good if so advised by your doctors and experts in this field.

MEDITATION is a non invasive therapy with no side effects and it can be always carried on alongwith or without medication.

Mind is a bundle of thoughts and the thought process determines the mood of a person.

Meditation is all about slowing the mind to reach a thoughtless state. One needs to taste the thoughtless state to know peace FIRST HAND.

Yogic breathing has proved to be best for calming the mind. A regular practice reduces the dependency on medicines and helps in the slowing of the thoughts in the mind.

Learn from an experienced teacher.

start meditating from today ...