choose that suits your temperament

karma yoga

this type is for those who are busy in the materialistic world and still have an inclination towards spirituality.

It has a simple technique … strive for perfection ,work with concentration and accept the results as they are !

bhakti yoga

in this you just need to pray to your chosen diety with full reverence and pray to the almighty to guide you on the right path and give you the strength to accept life without doesn’t mean you do nothing and simply accept things. you still have to work hard.

gyan yoga

this is for the intellectual type. You study spiritual philosophy to understand about life .Take guidance from a learned master and then come to the conclusion about what this human birth is for! Intellectual awakening is possible through this.

dhyan yoga

this is for the one who feels comfortable in solitude. One concentrates on the third eye area without judgement about the thoughts, which leads to meditation and finally in the self aware state.

kriya yoga

this is for the dynamic ones. It comprises of yogic breathing, mudra , meditation . The mind becomes stable within minutes and that helps to reach thoughtless awareness ( after dedicated and consistent efforts ) . Incidentally , if you practice it , you will be graced by gyan , bhakti and karma yoga automatically .